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Xterm home key not working

<u>Xterm</u> <u>home</u> and end <u>keys</u> don't work with Putty - Debian.

Xterm home and end keys don't work with Putty - Debian. After about 4 days of using Open SUSE 11.0, I'm not overly impressed with it in comparison to Red Hat Enterprise 3/4/5, Cent OS 5, Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.x (other distro's I've used). If this is a bug in putty, not xterm.ti, can you please let me know a reference for. key sequences, Home/End will not work when connected to a potato system.

Fix <strong>key</strong> settings <strong>home</strong>/end/insert/delete in.zshrc when running zsh.

Fix key settings home/end/insert/delete in.zshrc when running zsh. Open SUSE has some annoying habits and default/unusual confurations… To know the code of a key, execute cat, press the key, enter and Ctrl+C. For me. Terminal Emulator 0.95, and Zsh, version 4.3.15. I have commonly known problems with my keys inside the Zsh. At least these Home/End.

Linux - <strong>Home</strong> and End <strong>keys</strong> don't work in putty + vim + <strong>xterm</strong> - Super.

Linux - Home and End keys don't work in putty + vim + xterm - Super. Package: ncurses-base Version: 5.2.20010318-1 Severity: normal [X-Debbugs-CC:'d to putty bugs list - this mht be a putty bug, or it mht be an ncurses-base bug, I'm not sure] I'm using Putty 0.51 on a wintel box, which claims to be an xterm emulator. I'm using putty to ssh to Ubuntu with TERM=xterm-256color. Inside vim, the home and end keys are not working properly. " Home " key makes.

Terminal - <u>Home</u> and End <u>keys</u> in Emacs don't work when run from.

Terminal - Home and End keys in Emacs don't work when run from. Putty sends "\E[1~" for khome, and "\E[4~" for kend. When I run Emacs from Tmux, the Home and End keys do not work Home key. term/, but screen -based TERMs are not handled.

Linux - <strong>Home</strong>/End <strong>keys</strong> do <strong>not</strong> work in tmux - Stack Overflow

Linux - Home/End keys do not work in tmux - Stack Overflow If the underlying operating system supports terminal resizing capabilities (for example, the SWINCH snal in systems derived from 4.3bsd), xterm will use the facilities to notify programs running in the window whenever it is resized. As a stylistic convention, the capitalized form is . I'm currently using tmux with xterm-256color $TERM variable. When in bash under tmux, pressing home/end would insert tilde characters ~.

Xterm home key not working:

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